Saturday, December 20, 2014

Projects List, 2014

Just to keep a record of what I am up to, gaming-wise... to be included, there has to be either actual minis in-hand (painted or otherwise) or particular forces planned but not purchased (marked with asterisk). Finished, or nearly finished projects are in green. Not many of those.


  • FOW British 8th Army (Indian)
  • FOW German DAK
  • 15mm SCW Carlistas
  • 15mm FOG-R TYW German (Catholic/Imperial)
  • 28mm SAGA Vikings
  • 28mm SAGA Welsh*
  • 28mm Dark Ages Terrain*


  • Dystopian Wars Prussians
  • Dystopian Wars Federated States of America
  • Dystopian Wars Britannia (w/ Indian Raj and HEIC)*
  • Dystopian Wars Terrain
  • 28mm British
  • 28mm German
  • 28mm Russian*
  • 28mm French
  • 28mm Japanese*
  • 28mm Martians
  • 28mm Automatons
  • 28mm Lizardmen
  • 28mm Police (IHMN)
  • 28mm Servants of Ra (IHMN)
  • 28mm Lord Curr's Company (IHMN)
  • 28mm Society of Thule (IHMN)
  • 28mm Brotherhood Monks (EotD)
  • 28mm Characters
  • 28mm Victorian Zombies*
  • 28mm Victorian Vehicles (Hansom Cab, Omnibus)*
  • 28mm Terrain
  • 15mm Martians
  • 15mm Automatons
  • 15mm Lizardmen
  • 15mm French
  • 15mm Texicans
  • 15mm Papal States
  • 15mm Japanese
  • 15mm Terrain
  • 6mm Germans
  • 6mm British
  • 6mm Martians
  • 6mm Terrain
  • Sky Galleons - Martians
  • Sky Galleons - British
  • Aeronef  - Italians
  • Sky Galleons/Aeronef Terrain

15mm Sci-Fi:

  • Chuhuac
  • Human (Khurasan Federal Army)*
  • 15mm Sci-Fi Terrain*


  • 28mm VBCW - Republic of Wales
  • Warhammer Fantasy - Empire
  • Doctor Who - 28mm Daleks
  • Doctor Who - 28mm Doctor and UNIT*
  • Doctor Who - 15mm TARDIS
  • BattleTech
  • Ogre Miniatures
  • 6mm Quar (for Ogre or BattleTech Aliens)
While I am quite sure there are more things that I am currently forgetting, this is the majority of my miniatures-based gaming. Now, add in some RPG and boardgames, and you are looking at a pretty hefty load.

I'm mad. That's the only explanation. And now you know why I sometimes feel overwhelmed and never seem to feel as if I am making progress...

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Michael Awdry said...

You've certainly got a lot on your plate! Best of luck Sir