Saturday, June 27, 2015

Epic Gaming

   I'm considering yet another new project: Epic 40K. But not GW's current version. I never owned Space Marine or Titan Legions, the earlier versions of 6mm-scale gaming set in GW's Warhammer Universe, but I did play it and enjoy it a couple of times. So, being totally barking mad, I thought it might be fun to add this into the mix and list of projects.

   Ebay has copies of the rules and boxed sets available, and for moderately reasonable prices (~$100-120), considering all the minis and templates and such included. I am tempted to go that route. But I also found online a fan-produced version of the rules known as NetEPIC. They have rules and army books, and include all the errata as well. I'm quite impressed with their layout and simplicity.

  So this is a new project in the early planning stages. I actually have some of the minis that I bought for other projects already in hand. Not enough to make a coherent force, you see, but perhaps a goodly start? And the minis are easily available on eBay and other sources. Some aren't cheap. But the vast hordes aren't exactly expensive. And, being plastic, an old box will not have suffered from the dreaded lead-rot that has destroyed so many old sealed up metal minis (like that box of Star Frontiers minis I bought a few years back).

   I definitely want Space Marines (both Loyal Chapters and Traitor Legions). I may add Orks, Eldar, and Imperial Guard to that. Maybe some Imperial Fists? Or is that too much yellow? Blood Angels might be cool. NOT Space Wolves.


Leif Eriksson said...

No need to buy the books, the NetEpic rules are complete and good. They have ironed out the wrinkles of the published rulebook.

There are also a lot of other manufacturers that make suitable figures for it.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I just picked up the buildings (12 of them) on eBay for $25. Pretty happy with that purchase.