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Monday, June 1, 2015

LPL Round 5, 6, and 7...



Round 5: Red Sun Boyz

   I was up against a very strong entry this round, I admit. But the final score was downright humiliating. A friend tried to console me by mentioning there might be an anti-Games Workshop bias. Which is true, that almost certainly did cost me a few votes. But still. The only thing I can think to have done better on the painting of this one would be to have made the red sun on the banner larger. As it is, it kinda looks like an afro. I did at least get the bonus points for non-horse animals and riders.

Loss: 427 - 17.

Round 6: Mechanized Chuhuac, 15mm

   These are more of the 15mm Chuhuac from Loud Ninja Games. This time it's a trio of scouts on grav bikes and two support units in the form of heavy armored walkers. In the background is their dropship, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a Firefly-class transport.

Loss: 364 - 105

Round 7: The Orcland Raiders (15mm)

   These are figures from the Portaball 15mm fantasy football Kickstarter. The Orc team, obviously. I know that one mistake was that the background overwhelmed the minis. I got killed in the voting, too. Not a strong entry, to be honest, so I'm not as upset about losing this one as some of the others where I thought I had done better.

Loss: 398 - 50

At last check in, I was winning Round 8 by a narrow margin. Wish me luck...

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