Sunday, June 28, 2015

LPL Final Results

   The Lead Painters' League, Season Nine, ended last weekend, after ten weeks of painting frenzy. And the results are in...

   My record at the end was five wins, five losses, no ties. I came in strong at the end and managed 21st place in a field of 32. I'm quite happy with my overall record, though I do wish I had placed a little better. Perhaps next year, if I am mad enough to attempt it.

   As usual, Round 10 was a bonus theme round, the theme being "female." I had some minis on loan, nice 28mm ones, from Zach that are all female. Didn't make much of a team, but that's beside the point, because I didn't get them painted. What I did get painted were five 15mm M3 Stuart light tanks, known in British service as the "Honey."

"Five Desert Honeys"

   I titled this entry as "Five Desert Honeys." I was hoping that the clever (I thought) title would garner me a few votes. I'm pretty sure it did, and I won the round. So while I missed out on the ten bonus points for having actual female figures, I think the thirty points for winning the round more than made up for it.

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