Thursday, October 13, 2016

Be Careful if you look at this.

The image of an angel becomes an angel, after all.

   These are Reaper Bones figures. I have another pack as well. I like how these came out, and will enjoy painting the others as well. They paint quickly, too.

   I am trying to think up some sort of mechanic to use them as a sort of landmine or something for In Her Majesty's Name. I think that they activate if a) any living creature approaches within 12", and b) no one actually has them in their line of sight, based on the figure's facing (again, within about 12"). The Angel then moves adjacent to the target (nearest first) and makes a melee attack. The merest touch sends the afflicted model back in time. A successful Pluck roll means that the model is saved by a Mad Man in a Blue Box (yes, I have a TARDIS in 28mm). At the END of the next turn, the Blue Box appears in a random location, disgorging the model. A failed Pluck roll means gone for good.


Michael Awdry said...

Very good, always thought these were such a good invention, very scary.

Simon Jones said...

Crooked Dice do some very nice Angel figures

J Womack, Esq. said...

Crooked Dice, you say? Hmmm... I do like a bit of variety.