Friday, October 14, 2016

Some 15mm Sci Fi goodies

   More goodies for 15mm science fiction today. I believe everything here is Khurasan Miniatures.

   First up, the scientists. These are hapless civilians, in three varieties of posing: standing, running, and dead (well, one is). I have another pack of them, I think I shall paint them in more alien colors. I think alien scientists still wear white lab coats, though, right? Oh, maybe a set of antennae and a green skin for one of them? Go classical?

   Next is the vending machine. Yep, a vending machine. Good for cover in a city and a quick bite to eat, keep one's energy levels up when fighting the Felid Domination or the Pelagic Empire or whatever. I'm currently painting its cold beverage companion. I went for a neon-esque look on teh sign. These should not be confused with the AI-robot vendors that I have already painted and posted previously. Those are from Ion Age, and are very fun.

I painted in the snack bags. You can have Freetoes, Cheesie Puffs, Chocobars, or Roast Chicken crisps...

   And a Recyclebot, there on the lower right hand side. An autonomous solar-powered refuse retrieval robot, programmed to deliver garbage to the recyclers. Notice the green tri-arrow cycle and the green leafy logo. From EcoBots, the Giant Robotics MegaCorp that Cares. It's really just for street scatter in an urban setting. 

   Finally, you can also see some more scatter or perhaps objective markers: crates. I have left them loose rather than gluing them to a base and stacking them or something so that they are more flexible. I might get a few more packs though, just to do a base with a pile of them.

   I'm also working on a park terrain piece that is a larger base, with benches and a statue and everything. Maybe even a hedge. The benches are done, and the statue is mostly finished.

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