Monday, October 17, 2016

What do you mean, "Flash Gordon Approaching?"

   I may need help with two of these. One is obviously Flash Gordon from the film of the same name, and another is just as obviously Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future.

  I think the fellow on the left is supposed to maybe be John McClain, from Die Hard? And the fellow in the blue jeans looks an awful lot like Colonel Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, to me. But not in his famed red track suit.

  Any help?

  By the way, Crooked Dice has loads of really great looking figures for all your nostalgia gaming needs. I may have to place an order soon.


Simon Jones said...

Lee Majors as the Six Million Dollar Man
A 70's children's TV classic The Tomorrow People

J Womack, Esq. said...

Okay, so the one on the left is Col. Austin. I just don't remember him with a gun in his hand. Never saw The Tomorrow People.

Elderac said...

I concur that the one in jeans and a blue shirt looks like Col Austin, played by Lee Majors.

If finally occurred to me who the one on the left looks like:

Steve McQueen, possibly as Bullit. Check out the poster on IMDB. I think they are doing a lot of 70's figures to support their 70's RPG game.

John McLane was from a later era of shows and the figure has way too much hair to resemble Bruce Willis.

MiniatureWargaming Editor said...

Agree that the one on the left is Steve McQueen. I remember Lee Majors in his leisure suit jackets as much as in the jump suit.