Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Found more books

This time around, it's a bunch of Osprey Men At Arms series books for Napoleonic Wars. Sixteen of them to be precise. So that's pretty great.

This is one of them.

I also found a couple of wooden bookcase editions of boardgames. Stratego and Clue. And that's pretty nice too. But I still haven't located my copy of Arkham Horror or the supplements that went with it. And I have noticed some odd gaps in my minis collection. For example, I have one Matilda II, where I should have three. And one of my Valentine IIs is missing. And four (!) of my Honeys, as well as both of the M3 Stuarts I painted for my USMC force. I am hoping I forgot them at a friend's house a while back... because if not, it means I left them at a game store over a year ago. They're gone if that's the case.

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