Friday, September 14, 2018

Clear Coat still drying on these

But I thought I would share anyway. Please forgive the hasty and not too-well lit photos. I'm excited that I have been making progress on some projects.

A Paneuropean "Huscarl" (Mk. V) OGRE
(Steve Jackson Games, Plastic)

German, it calls itself "Das Schwarzeritter" - The Black Knight
Why? Because it's a massive unstoppable engine of war. It can call itself whatever it wants.

Another Paneuropean "Legionnaire", this one Neo-Soviet.
KMSR-1917, aka "Kommisar"
(Steve Jackson Games, Metal)

Turrets and hulls of some DAK PzKW III and IV
15mm Battlefront

Platoon Commander for Panzer IVs (with short 7.5cm gun)

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Desert Scribe said...

Very nice! Are you coming to MillenniumCon this year?