Saturday, January 26, 2019

Frostgrave Terrain

   I picked up a set of the Games Workshop plastic terrain set, the Azyrite Ruins, for a really nice discount price ($12, including shipping), last summer. The idea was to use them to help begin my Frostgrave terrain at long last. So I finally got started on painting them up, and here are the first couple of pieces.

The other side. I don't know why the doorway and window are bricked up.

The second of the pieces.

Both pieces together.

   I applied some GF9 snow to the pieces, but only sparingly. It's my first time using the stuff. It works alright, though. The terrain pieces themselves are a nice sturdy hard plastic material. They fit together pretty easily, too. Painting was relatively straightforward: flat black spraycan primer (I use Krylon for Plastic), paint in stones with Vallejo Basalt Grey, then dry-brush Vallejo Stone Grey over that. Bricks are just Vallejo Dark Red.


peter holland said...

I'm envious. Nearly $43, still, on the GW website

Skully said...

I purchased some too - for the very same purpose. :)