Saturday, November 1, 2008

A new month

01 November ...

This morning colors were a more prideful as our permanent three-section nautical flagpole was completed late yesterday evening. As the bugler played the Republic Anthem and the flag of the Republic was hoisted smartly up the thirty-foot tall pole you could feel the pride surge through the troops. This is the first time since landing on Venus that we got to fly the Ceremonial Republic flag, and unit flags of the RA and RM simultaneously.

Still no pigeons today, and it has almost been a solid week since the officers took a squad to make contact with Camp Trafalgar. I hope they are not in any trouble, as the planet is most hostile. I still will bet my money on the fact that a pigeon could not out-fly one of the flying reptiles we see daily over the camp.

I will be glad when the Santa Fe comes back to deliver the boilers and the rest of the construction equipment. I know the men would love to get their hands on the steam lumber sawmill or the steam auger or a steam drill. Knocking down trees is not a problem, as Spot is the best forest clearing device I have ever seen. It saves a tremendous amount of time trying to cut trees when Spot can pull a tree straight out of the ground in only a few minutes. The boiler will be nice so we do not have to boil water for purifying or for showers. Presently our showers consist of empty wooden barrels with holes drilled into them. Just heat the water and pour five gallons into the barrel, and presto! Shower time.

Our perimeter is now cleared of trees for 100 yards around the camp and we have trees stacked to the sky, to be used as building material. Since we have enough raw materials to build, I think I will have the road towards the tar-pits and the Venusian Sea cleared of trees at least and the road will come when we find some type of stone to use as a good foundation. Until then, we might build a corduroy road using the surplus logs.

So far today, we have eaten turtle three times. When Sergeant Thibodeaux is not cooking him and Private Mistrot are working on the turtle's shells. I asked Thibodeaux what he was going to do with the shell and he said he was making a big bath tub from the back shell.

Well, time to close and we all look forward to a day of relaxation on our day off.

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