Monday, November 3, 2008

[OOC] More stuff has arrived!

Man, I love it when I get stuff that I don't even recall having ordered!

Today I got 24 German Seebattalion troops in 15mm from a fellow on eBay. I'm not super-impressed with the paint jobs. Another problem is that they seem to have been on Venus too long. Just check out the photo:

Once they are cleaned up, I'll be making an 'official' announcement of their arrival.

I also got a small package of bases and casualty caps the other day. Not very exciting stuff, but I needed more bases and I am going to try the casualty caps in Napoleonics. Which means I probably ought to post something on the Napoleonics blog, which is languishing sadly as I try to make progress on my VSF projects that have been piling up for the last few years.

The Pontifical forces are being held up at Little Wars while they await a re-stock of figures. I have no ETA on these, which irritates the crap out of me. They have my money, I would like to have my figures. In store, they are great guys, and I don't think they are trying to cheat me or anything, but I am not a really patient person in the first place.

What else am I waiting on? Uhm... I ordered a few Donnington Miniatures 15mm religious types (a bishop and a couple of priests) for the Papal forces. Those will be delivered at Warfare in Reading, a convention in the UK, where some nice folks from TMP are going to pick them up and ship them to me at cost, rather than the somewhat steep $16 for shipping 4 figures. I checked Royal Mail's airmail fees, and that's pretty high.

Also, I won a large tunneler from GW's offshoot company Forge World in an auction on It is resin, and emerging from the ground. Pretty cool, but waiting on delivery.

There are 10 RAFM shield gunners from their Space 1889 line coming in sometime soon as well. Got a steal on them - $12.60 including shipping! Woo Hoo! I love TMP!

And, I have a line on most of the Mordians I need to make the special weapons squad in 25mm for them. Of course, I have no other German troops in 25/28mm scale. Keep looking at the Tiger Miniatures, but I am not convinced about them. Don't see much else out there, though. Need to wait to get the Mordians, as I am totally blowing my budget lately, even with the pretty good deals I have been finding.

Still working on the airship. It's coming along slowly. Also, pouring the occassional resin saddle or two. Only need five (?) more. Once I get them all done, I can put together the deathray cavalry. After I paint the riders, of course. Perhaps I should quit typing and get painting. Too tired this evening, though.

I need to come up with a monthly poll, too.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow. Choose the lesser of the two evils, as you see it. Not that it matters much, since the only people you really want in the job won't go anywhere near it.

Think that's all for tonight.


Eli Arndt said...

And I thought I was breaking the budget. I've already had a non-verbal scolding from my wife over the influx of new materials of late. I think it's time to lay off and finish what I've got.


Eli Arndt said...

BTW, your Sea Battalian look like they caught that freaky moss from the old Creep Show movie!

J Womack, Esq. said...


Regarding your first comment: My scolding was much more verbal than yours was. Even if I did get them at pretty decent prices.

Second comment: I remember that one. You're right, they do. I think the guy re-shot them with spray varnish right before shipping or something, and it caused all the flock (which isn't all that well secured to the bases) to stick. I paid for painted minis and got another project to fix. I'm not best pleased.

Eli Arndt said...

Very uncool. Why bother recoating them? That is just asking for trouble.

BTW, is there a way I can contact you off the blogs? I thought it might be useful for arranging trades and such in the future.

Take care,