Thursday, November 6, 2008

Royal Xenological Society, Vol. 2

Giant Tortoise of Venus

An interesting new species of giant tortoise has been discovered by our Texican allies on Venus. The new species, officially classified as Testudo venustica thibodeaux (or T. v. thibodeaux), is incredibly large. It is also, according again to our Texican friends, a rather tasty meal. The Texican photostatic expert for the expedition has again provided this journal with the first glimpse of the huge beast. It is conservatively estimated to weigh in at over 900 pounds, with a shell measuring over 10 feet across! Truly a monster, and a feast for many days to the hunters who manage to kill the beast. Rumor has it that its thick shell is proof against Earthly rifles, and that only a shot to the softer tissues of the extended head or neck will bring one down. The Thibodeaux tortoise's hard beak-like mouth can shear through tree limbs as thick as a man's thigh with ease. I shudder to think what its terrible maw could do to the tender flesh of Man.

A Flight of Wild Deathrays

This photostat shows the incredible gracefulness of these dangerous predators of the Martian skies. A trio of golden whorled deathrays can be seen gliding smoothly over the dry plains of the Martian outback. This particular photostat was taken from the safety of the armored deck of HMAS Wasp, on a test flight out of Albertport.

I do hope you have enjoyed the latest in our educational series of posts regarding the flora and fauna of the Inner Planets. Return again soon to this telephonic journal for more edifying fare for your mind.
[Editor's Notes: The Testudo v. thibodeaux is nothing more than a Safari, Ltd. giant tortoise vinyl toy I purchased at Michael's Craft Store the other day. It just seemed perfect.]


Eli Arndt said...

Great stuff. Love the zooligical exposition. Good find on the tortoise. The rasied and extended neck makes it actually look menacing at the scale size vs the minis you are usin it against. 15mm, right?


J Womack, Esq. said...

Those are 15s, yes. It is the One True Scale.

though I dabble sometimes in the 25mm Heresy

Tony said...

I have just linked your Blog to mine - specifically the article on Aerofauna, I hope you approve?


J Womack, Esq. said...

Tony: Absolutely fine. I am glad you enjoyed the articles. I am currently working on some other small things for the series on flora and fauna. Maybe I'll post osmething new this weekend.