Monday, November 24, 2008

Photostats at Last!

Papal Forces on Mars - Proof!

Using a telescopic device in conjuction with his voltaic digitizing photostatic imager, our intrepid correspondent has managed to get up-close pictures of the lead elements of the Pope's soldiers on Mars [Freikorps' 15mm Pontifical Infantry Command]. Judging by their uniforms, and consulting Roger's Handbook of European Uniforms, these men are regular infantry, not the elite Zouaves. Note the deep purple coats and kepis, and the loose fitting grey trousers. The purple, obviously, indicates the royal stature of the Earthly Host of Saint Michael, the Army of the Holy See of Rome. The enlisted men have white leggings over their black boots. This uniform was developed in 1871 for the Pope's forces. The guidon bearer has the Papal Army flag in hand.

It is hoped that more photostats will be forthcoming once additional troops arrive.

Imperial German Luftschiffetruppen on Venus

Though the photostat is blurry (damaged, I think, by exposure to the sun's rays in crossing the ether to Mars from Venus), it clearly shows a trio of German imperialist troops. The Imperial German colony of Venustaadt denies its expansionist tendencies. Only time will tell. Of course, a push on Venus might easily be followed by, or even preceded by an attempt to expand the Kaiser's influence here on Mars. Were I you, good readers, I should be on the watch for agents of the Kaiserlich Geheimenpolizei (Imperial Secret Police).

[Editor's Note: The Germans above are the first of those cruddy looking Seebattalion troops I got in a couple of weeks ago. These three are nearly done, and I wanted you to get a look at the improvements. I decided to go with a non-historical paint scheme on both sets of troops pictured today, partly to emphasize the new troop types there would be in a world with flying aetherships and secondly for the alternate history aspect of the Papal troops. In OTL, the Pope lost his secular kingdom in 1870. In the ATL, it is still a going concern, and stronger for the threats made against it in the 1860s and 1870.]


Eli Arndt said...

Cool stuff Mr Womack. You are sorely tmepting me to create a ficticious Victorian nation, just so I can have fun with uniforms. Of course, I have no gaming world to put them into.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Mr. Arndt,

The so-called "imagi-nations" are a big part of the fun of VSF: Ruritania, Lower Fenwyk, Bongolesia, Waziristahn, etc., etc.

Who needs a gaming world? We have one right here. Just add a couple of minor nations and let them tangle. It happens enough on Earth as it is.

Up next on your fight card: Macedonika v. Ruritania over rights to the Balkan Un-obtanium Mines!

RSM Cox said...

Yes you are correct Mr. Womack, the world is your oyster Eli. The Republic has yet to meet the Huns on the battlefields. Plus they will have to make an amphibious landing to reach us. OORAHH

Eli Arndt said...

Yes, but can the world trully survice the rise and revival of Laputa. Watch the skies!