Thursday, February 5, 2009

Archiving Labels

Hi guys (and gals).

It just dawned on me that I really need some sort of systematic method of labeling posts so that I (or you!) can find them agian later, or check out older posts of interest if you are just reading the blog for the first time. Its not an issue now, with so few posts, but it could become one if I keep this up as I hope to do so. With that in mind, I am going to try to establish a system. So far, here's what I have:

Articles that I post that are essentially step-by-step instructions on how to make some piece of terrain or scenic item. A post type label.

Anything specifically of interest to 15mm games. A scale label.

Anything specifically of interest to 25mm games. A scale label.

Article relates specifically to some sort of permanent structure: house, barn, office building, school, outhouse, etc.

Post deals with some feature of the blog.

Posts dealing with some sort of field, for crops, ranching, or whatever. Includes orchards. A terrain label.

This label indicates that the post is probably nto gaming related, but that it does homage to something I felt was important enough to be mentioned. Ex: Veteran's Day.

Article discusses the usage of varying materials in terrain making. Generally, these are not specifically designed for wargaming terrain (example: using PVC pipe for pipelines)

Indicates post has either a lot of photos or exists only to showcase something.

Post discusses a poll topic. A post type label.

As opposed to materials, these are ready-made items, specifically for use as terrain or for the making of terrain. This would include such things as resin buildings from any of the various manufacturers.

Either a listing of projects or an update on the progress of same. A post type label.

Sometimes completely off-topic, but something I needed to get off of my chest anyway. I avoid politics, and these aren't frequent, thank God. Another post type label. You have been warned.

Post dealing with either resin casting, or resin-based materials or products. A material label.

Post dealing with rivers, streams, waterfalls, etc. A terrain type label.

Another terrain type label. Sometimes these are just scenic additions to larger terrain pieces.

As opposed to terrain, scenics are man-made objects. This includes buildings, but also such things as signposts, billboards, fences, telegraph poles, etc.

Post deals with construction of terrain from odds and ends leftover from other projects or just laying about the house. Not to be confused with scratch-building, which is mostly what I do here anyway.

Post describes or discusses tools useful for making terrain.

Post describes or discusses where one can locate various tools, terrain pieces, materials, products, etc.

VSF (Victorian Science Fiction)
The gaming genre I am most involved with right now. Also often described as 'steampunk.' I could probably generate more hits by making steampunk the label, come to think of it. I will add other genre labels as needed (medieval, modern, sci-fi all come to mind). A genre-type label indicates, naturally, that the post deals primarily with something useful to that genre.

Yet another terrain-type label, for any kind of liquid surface. Rivers, ponds, asphalt pools - you nmae it, it falls under this one.

Somewhere in the post I am indicating a good place to go check something out. It may also be a vendor, or some kind of notice about a product, or just some really cool terrain. You should go and check it out.

That's it for now. My OCD need to neatly pigeonhole things has been satiated temporarily.

Feels good, doesn't it?

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