Thursday, February 19, 2009

Projects in Progress [ooc]

Another out of character posting, just to keep everyone abreast of developments...

Mostly, I am waiting on an order to arrive. While waiting, I have started to develop a 15mm British aerial gunboat. Which will require an additional order. I'll be looking for 15mm guns on naval mountings and ship fittings. Let me know if you have any sources!

The gunboat is based on the old Space 1889 Aphid-class, like so many other designs have been. I am planning on constructing it using some sheet styrene and foamcore, with a few odds and ends thrown in for masts, etc. It will have a smokestack, even though handwavium reactors don't require one.

So. I have been busy... it just doesn't look like it! I painted a great little robot at the OwlCon Reaper Paint-n-Take. I have nine more on order for that, too. They'll make a great unit of automatons. I have several minis almost done, including the first ten of the re-re-painted 15mm Germans (to make them more like the 25mm scheme) and some more deathrays (ran out of leather lacing for the saddles, among other things).

Also on the deathray front, I have figured a simple way to put them on flight stands using magnets that I am liking a lot. Essentially, I glue a thin metal base to the belly of the deathray, and a rare earth magnet (small one!) to the end of a clear plastic flight stand. Pop it on, the cavalry is in flight. Take it off, the cavalry is grounded and ready to dismount. Which reminds me, I suppose I need to make a dismounted cavalry group as well. Great - I needed another project.

Gah! Very late now. Must go to bed.


Ruarigh said...

I shall look forward to seeing your 15mm Aphid. I hope you will post an article on the construction of it. I have decided I need a small Martian gunboat for my own Martians and plan to do something similar.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Once I get a bit further, I will probably post some WIP photos. So far, I have a lot of materials, and not much done.