Friday, February 13, 2009

Oasis at Kem-Shia

Life Giving Water in the Burning Sands

A small spring oasis has been found in the midst of the red parched sands of Mars.

Photostats from our intrepid reporter will be forwarded by the next caravan arriving from Hiling. HMAS Osprey, the aerial gunboat aboard which my nephew acts as a government/press liason, has recently arrived in that area, showing the Union Jack and cowing the natives with her iron-bound might. Taken at the scene of the oasis, the photostats clearly show some of the tall ochre grasses that typically spring forth in the relative humidity of the spring.

Naturally, good readers, I could not keep the good news back while waiting on illustrations to arrive. Be assured I shall publish such photostats at the earliest opportunity.

[Editor's Note: I promised mention of the re-worked terrain piece a week or so back. I am re-doing the spring I made a year or so back to make it seem more like the rest of my Martian work since then. I'll put up photos soon-ish, though I think I might have already put one or two up on the terrain blog.]

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