Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Time Ever!

Primitive Dwelling of Highest Venusian Civilization

For the first time in any Human journal, we find a photostat of the primitive huts built by the elusive Parrotmen of Venus. While the Parrotmen themselves are not in the photograph, be assured they were nearby. This photostat was purchased from a German scientist's former assistant. Apparently he was wrongly accused of theft by his former employer, and so was dismissed. When packing his things, the former assistant accidentally carried off the photostatic data for the Herr Professor's monograph on the culture and architecutre of the Parrotfolk.

News of a New Aerial Gunboat, HMAS Raptor

As some of our readers may know, work has begun at the Womack Shipyard of Victoria Landing to construct a new aerial gunboat, HMAS Raptor. So far, all we know is that her shape is similar to the old Aphid-class ships, at approximately 90-feet in length and 22 feet of beam. She is rumored to be powered by handwavium reactor, the first such ship built here on Mars. Her armament is undecided at this time, but provision has been made aboard her for a small Marine contingent, to guard against boarding actions.

[Editor's Note: I will provide a step-by-step of how I built the Raptor in a future post or two. Construction of foamcore and sheet styrene, primarily. So far, I am pretty happy with how its turning out, though I screwed up the deck a bit. Next one will come out better. I also have an idea for a really cool small Martian kite. I even think I can put grapnel launchers on the kite - boarders away!]


Eli Arndt said...

Is it safe to assume that your Parrot Men are ground dwelling and not arboreal? The hut looks nice and sturdy, not as flimsy as my tree-dwelling Parrot Men.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I was going to try and mount it on some kind of driftwood branch or something, making it lower-level arboreal. I think they almost have to be up in the trees or the Lizardmen and Plantmen would get them too easily.

And no, I haven't bought any plantmen yet. I keep waiting for Hydra to release the bigger Vardu warriors.