Friday, April 17, 2009

Kingdom of Hawaii?

My friend Eli runs his own gaming blog, called "I See Lead People." I've mentioned it before here, I am sure, and there's a link to the blog in my links.

Anyway, he threw out an idea sort of off-the-cuff for a new VSF power: Hawaii. Before you scoff, check out this link: It fleshes out the idea a little more, and begins to make some sort of sense. I could see the Kingdom of Hawaii becoming as powerful as, say, the Papal States, Imperial Mexico or even the Republic of Texas, with the right set of circumstances.

At any rate, its a fun idea to kick about. Check it out, and let Eli know what your thoughts are.

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Eli Arndt said...

Thanks for the nod here. The idea is coming along nicely though I did suffer a bit of foot in mouth as I read more actual history. So it really is turning into a much more alternate history than I had originally thought.

BTW, the same Paraguayans I am considering using from Friekorp might actually work as some sort of martian colonial troops as well.