Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Terrain Blog I Found...

It's called "Take the High Ground," and it's done by a fellow out of the UK.

Quite good stuff, actually, and he explains what he's done fairly well, if not exactly step-by-step. But you can easily see how he did things.

I just wish I could duplicate them!

As far as my projects go... real life has intruded pretty heavily in the modeling/terrain making realm, and I've done very little. In fact, nothing at all in weeks.

Maybe I'll put a little time aside this weekend to work on a project or two, inspired by our friend here.


airhead said...

Hi from the UK, thanks for the kind words about the blog. I noticed you mention VSF gaming in one of your posts, you should check out this chaps blog

Some great modeling on their, have a look at his older posts. very nice terrain.

All the best Airhead

Eli Arndt said...

Great find there, J.

I'm throwing a link up on my blog too.