Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rainy Days Again

19 April 1881

Another week down and another week of work completed. All is well here besides the endless supply of rain. I would love to be in weather forecasting on this planet! I imagine it would go something like this: “Today it rained, with the sun making it hot and humid in the morning, followed by more afternoon rain and a little rain through tonight. Tomorrow we shall expect more misty rain, followed by sunshine, except during the occasional sudden downpour of torrential rain, to be followed by alternating rain and sun through out the day.” I would love to have a day that my boots did not get soaked. I am just glad we were issued three pair for this assignment. The black legs have two cobblers who are constantly working on repairing our boots.

Corporal Redfeather is doing a wonderful job. His discovery of the clay pits has kept his kiln ever so busy with the task of making bricks. Major Higgins has requested to have the battalion’s Headquarters Building reinforced with brick. Mr. Griggs tried his best to overturn the major, but they "flipped for it"* and three moons beats one every time. So Corporal Mendoza and his crew will lay the brick around the HQ, while Corporal Redfeather's crew is working on roads and more bricks.

The RTS Santa Fe battle group is expected to return next week with more provisions and probably more black legs. It will be nice to receive mail as I am waiting to see if my oldest wrote me. He graduates high school next Friday, and the following day will pack up and head to Gannon’s Fish Camp. I am keeping this short today and will write more later; RSM Taggart and I are up for a game of chess and cigars.

[*"Flip you for it": A term used in jest as a poker move. All in attendance will cover up their rank with the right hand and when the hand is removed, the one with the highest rank showing wins. Of course, the highest ranking man in the group always wins. For example: "Mr. Griggs I understand your concern. I am a gambling man, so I will 'flip you for it' and whoever has the highest hand wins.” Both men cover their ranks and the major looks down at his shoulder. “Well, Subaltern Griggs, it looks as if I have the highest hand, so I win. Again. Now, about these walls I want built…” ]

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