Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our First Easter on the Veiled Planet

12 April 1881

Today was a beautiful day for our first Easter on the Veiled Planet. Both reporters wrote stories of reflection and took pictures of the occasion. Father Flannigan was right on once more and his service was in the open outside of the chapel. We had two men this morning convert to Catholicism. As they were baptized it was quite a pleasant occasion. The sun even came out for a few hours in the morning, before returning behind the neverending clouds. Miracle enough for most of us! Father Flannigan said every Sunday’s worship service should have this turnout and told everyone they needed to worship every day and just not on Christmas and Easter. If the men listen to Father Flannigan and start attending we will have to build another, larger chapel.

The cross for the outside service was assembled in secret by one of my Marines (we think - Father Flannigan isn't talking), though no one took credit. The mystery woodworker also carved a Jesus out of the face of the wood and I was amazed at the skills of whoever built it. I have my suspicions but I would not single anyone out. Father Flannigan thanked us for the altar and the crucifix.

We followed up Holy Services with a big lunch of flounder, Venusian alligator and grillag. Sergeant Thibodeaux and his cooks out did themselves once again. I swear they are using off-world spices but they say they have been using only what has been found here at the foothills and in the swamps. We all shared in wine and ale with our meal and it was quite a joyous day.

The officers went exploring in our dirigible the Orca once again, this time to the west over the ocean and north into the highlands. Seaman 1st Class Johansson was exhausted from his trip and crashed early. God Bless this wonderful day, as it is time for us to hit the rack once more, I just have to take Lady V for her evening walk as I do not want her to make a mess in my hut.

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