Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of May Round-up

So, its the end of another month. I got in two games this month, so not bad. One was a playtest for Historicon that was run this afternoon. I may not have scheduled enough time for the game. Painting-wise, I got a bit of work accomplished this month. Anyway...

  • Poll: Most of you think we should keep the Venusian Tales right here. The people have spoken; their will be done (now if only all our politicians would listen so well!).
  • Playtest: Automatons need tweaking. Very nasty in a fight, but too prone to breakdown. Honestly, I need more, but that isn't likely prior to Historicon.
  • 2mm: 3 Aeronefs pretty well done (need flags), another 4 about 75%
  • 15mm: Began painting six pack mules. I hate painting mules and horses. Just need to finish packs and shade, and they're ready for Historicon. Added the boiler section to the scratch-build Aphid wannabe.
  • 25mm: Began working on more Scientists and Plantmen, plus the Fliegerjaegerren are shaping up.
  • Terrain: Lots of Martian hills and rocks done, again for Historicon. Work progresses on the insulae.
Not a bad month, all things considered. I'll work up a battle report today or tomorrow and post it. Also, will do more playtesting tomorrow evening for an hour or so, once I make some tweaks to the Automatons.


Eli Arndt said...

Sounds like a good month indeed. If only I had been half as productive.

I am thinking of setting up a resolution to work on SOMETHING every day for the month of June. Even if it's just 10-15 minutes of base colors or flocking or whatever, it'll be progress.


Mad Carew said...

I hereby take the pledge to do SOMETHING everyday in June! Nice idea Eli!