Monday, May 25, 2009

Tales of Delusion

03 May 1881

Wow, what a week we have had! Between the ever boisterous noises of self promotion from the Honorable W.J. Struthers III it is amazing anyone else is able to talk. His clothes are very extravagant and do not seem very useful for spending any length of time in the field. He wears a necklace full of different teeth of animals; the biggest set of teeth he claims came from a Sasquatch in the Oregon Territory of the United States. He says he stalked the 8 foot tall beast for six days after it had killed two of his fellow adventurers. On the morning of the sixth day he shot the beast from a distance of half a mile. He says the beast turned toward him and started running a full gait and seemed to be unaffected by the gunshot of his trusty Sharps .45-70 rifle. At this point in his tall tale I started to snicker and managed to hide it in a loud cough as our new commanding officer Lieutenant Soto gave me the look to control myself. I glanced at RSM Taggart and I thought he was going to burst at the seams. In the end of the story our weaver of tales said he killed the towering beast with a slash to its neck with his trusty Bowie knife. The man definitely has a way of words and is a great public speaker but I could take no more as I would have soiled my pants if I would have stayed longer. I asked Lieutenant Soto if the NCOs could leave as we had to make rounds and double check our men and the camp to ensure we werwe ready for the expected storms tomorrow. RSM Taggart followed suit and his men left as well. Once we got outside and into the NCO mess the laughter from my fellow NCOs was uncontrollable. Sergeant Manuel McKay of the green leg dragoons does a great impersonation of the Honorable W.J Struthers III and he kept us laughing for days as he would recite the tale. Of course this was all done in the confines of the NCO mess as it would be bad examples of leadership to openly joke in front of the men.

The Dragoons have made several mounted patrols and have the best of equipment. You can definitely tell the cavalry and all supporting units attached to them get most of the military’s budget. They are very professional and seem to carry out there duties to with the greatest attention to the surroundings. It did take them a little bit to get use to the Pachysaurs as riding an upright, bipedal lizard is quite different from riding a horse or camel. Well, it is time to get some dinner and Lady V is moaning as she is hungry as well.

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Eli Arndt said...

Killing a noble Bigfoot!

How dare he?!

Good stuff as always. Nice to see my home territory make it into your prose.