Monday, May 11, 2009

Woefully Behind...

I find myself woefully behind these days. Haven't touched a paintbrush in two weeks. Nor have I setup and run the playtest games I need to do before going off to Historicon in only (gasp!) ten weeks or so. Not a lot of painting to finish, really, but I need to get more terrain fixed up.

I see that RSM Cox (my good friend Jim's VSF alter-ego) has been lax about journal entries from Venus as well. Do you think we should spin those off to a seperate blog? Maybe a poll or two out of what I ought to focus on here... don't be too surprised to see something like that in the near-ish future.

There has been a lot of thinking about how Hawaii fits into the alternate history, courtesy of our friend Eli. Very interesting stuff. Check out I See Lead People, his blog, for more.

I have a lot of thoughts and ideas, even a few plans for scenics and terrain that have been percolating through the old tapioca. Maybe I need to focus on that a bit, get some work done. I know if I buckle down and finish something, it always prompts me to get more work done.

Last thought before I run off to bed: I have some minis being painted right now by a service in the US. They are supposed to be finished in the next couple of weeks - I am looking forward to it, as I would love to have more Gex that I can put on the table. Maybe I can finally set a game up on Venus. Oh, wait, I'd need either more Texicans or Brits done for that... or even Germans, which I still have quitea lot to do with. Maybe them first. I posted WIP shots (of the skinks aka Gex) a few weeks ago of the first unit. Bah, rambling now. More later.

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Eli Arndt said...

Yes, I am a distraction. Now if I can actually produce somethign more than theory on Hawaii.

I am still struggling with how to base my Colonial/VSF figs.