Sunday, February 7, 2010

In today...

I got four packages today. And I bought something locally, as well. I hope my wife doesn't find this blog!

One of the four packages had Battlemechs in it, a Phoenix Hawk (unseen) and a Warhammer (unseen). I much prefer the older, unseen styles to the new ones. The seller gave me two left arms for one of the minis, not one of each. I think he is recasting, to be honest. Won't be buying from him again.

Another package was a set of forty painted Zulus that I sent off. They look pretty good.

I bought the current Empire army book at a local store. Got it for 45% off, as he had overstocked and offered it to me at cost. Now I can figure out what I need to actually build a legal army...

Otherwise, I got the next-to-newest Empire army book in one package. Very handy. Lots of good fluff material and plenty of artwork and painting tips.

I also got some minis in that I had ordered off eBay. Except for one or two things, they were pretty good. They include (already accounted for in the listing):

  • 18 Swordsmen

  • 17 Halberdiers

  • 3 Reiksguard command (foot)

  • 1 Light Acolyte


Eli Arndt said...

I talked to Iken and as soon as he can unearth his Empire stuff he'll give me a tally and a quote. He's also got some Dwarves if you want them too.

J Womack, Esq. said...

No thanks on the short legged ones. They are tough as nails (or used to be - dunno anymore), but so SLOW it hurts.