Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Resin Minerals Painted

I bought a pair of pieces of Armorcast's resin "Pyrite Crystals" from a local gaming shop last week, and got them painted up over the weekend. Finally had time to take a photo of them and put together a few thoughts about them, especially as compared to my previous crystal project, the green 'handwavium' ones I made of carved pink foam.

My review:
  • Nice quality casting.
  • Good stronge yellowish beige resin
  • Very little flash or pitting
  • Nice lines
  • Details okay, but not fantastic. Just a clump of rock crystals.
  • Super easy to paint.
  • Price: $5.00
What I Did:
  1. First I used a sharp hobby knife to clean up the little bits of flash, mold lines, etc.
  2. Then I washed the pieces with warm soap and water, rinsed and dried with paper towel. Let it sit overnight to air dry more.
  3. Next, a little bit of superglue to fill the few small bubble pits. Let sit for an hour to cure.
  4. Then I sprayed each piece with flat white paint.
  5. Color on the rocks was achieved by using several coats of thinned Vallejo Intense Blue. Ground color was Ceramcoat burnt sienna.
  6. Brush watered PVA glue on base (using 100 for $4 cheap-o plastic bristle brush), then dredge into my Mars ground mix, and let dry.
  7. Next morning, two coats fo Testor's gloss, followed in afternoon by Testor's flat.
  8. Will finish by brushing on a coat of water-soluble gloss onto the crystals to make them shiny.

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