Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OwlCon Gutshot Photos

The quiet town of Blood Shed, Arizona. The townsfolk have scattered, and only the gunmen remain.
"I have you now!" exclaims gambler Augustus Macrae, as he stealthily approaches his first unsuspecting victim. "Click!" said the shotgun moments later.

A powder monkey in the trees of Blood Shed.

The End of Macrae. Blasted into the next world by his son. In a bowler hat! The indignity of it all!

These photos were fun to take, but even more fun to play. Yup, I died. Again. But still, it was a good time.


Atom Kid said...

I've been wanting to play that game. It looks really cool! I have a copy of Desperado which is a decent system also.

Mad Carew said...

Looks like fun

J Womack, Esq. said...

Gutshot is super simple, and we like it. You can do a lot with it, and individualize your characters. But don't get too attached - it can get mighty bloody mighty fast!

Eli Arndt said...

Can't wait to start collecting for and playing Gutshot!.