Wednesday, March 9, 2011



   The February issue of Doctor Who Magazine came complete with a package of 17 plastic Daleks. The new ones from the 5th season of the new series (with Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor). They happen to be pretty much a perfect size for use with 25mm figures. And cheap. Like £2.99, if I recall correctly. Including the magazine.

   So I went to TMP and begged for someone in the UK to get me three sets. Tony Hughes from Tiny Tin Troops helped me out (thanks again, Tony!); I paid him by Paypal and he shipped them out to me. It took a month for them to arrive, thanks to Customs, etc., but here they are!

All 51 of them: a mighty force!

A closeup shot of the most xenophobic, malignant and deadly race in the Universe

   Okay, so they are not going to stay in these colors. I'll hit them with some black Krylon Fusion for plastics, then go back with a thin layer of flat black. Hit the spots and details, and there you have it: a horde of Daleks that only cost me about $20, including shipping from the UK.

   I bet if I used a sonic screwdriver to paint them, they'd come out brilliantly. Yeah, so I am an American Whovian. Sue me. Beats those Trekkie dweebs any day. I'd like to see Picard face the Daleks:

Picard: "The Prime Directive requires that we not interfere in the development of any species."
Supreme Dalek: "Then our conquest will not be difficult. EXTERMINATE!" [Laser blast sound]

   Heh heh heh... that's a movie I'd watch.


Paul´s Bods said...

Great one. I´also live outside the Uk and read about these on TMP...straight away I got on the phone to my sister who got me 4 sets...dam cheap for so many little daleks. You can alter them a bit, cut the heads (do daleks have heads?) off at the base of the neck with a fine saw and you can turn the eye to the left or right. I´ve also made an emporer Dalek from one using a bead and a dalek control room..I´ll put it up on my blog soon. :-D
Star trek versus the hope, picard and his mate would be "EXTERMINATED!!" :-D
PS..the sets are selling for 10 pounds or more on E-bay now!!!!!!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Wow! 10 pounds?

Maybe I could make do with just two sets...