Saturday, March 12, 2011

RPG Interlude 1: Absalom, and the Return

   Absalom! Shining jewel of the Southron Sea! Greatest metropolis for a thousand leagues! Gateway to the River Gules! Free city! Great city! A city where anything can be found. Hub of travel and trade for the entire southern portion of the continent. Absalom! Home to over 100,000 souls, of every race and creed.

   To the Free City of Absalom our heroes have traveled. their goal: to see the sights of the great city, and spend their golden measures in search of tools for adventure worthy of them! After three days on the roads ina coach, the party reached Absalom and made their way to the Coins, the marketplace for the southern world. here they found lodging at the Taurean Sign, an inn run by an albino runt minotaur. After two days of shopping and sight seeing - and a trip to the Citadel of Hieroneous for Norman to become an initiate of the Order of the Sword and take his name - an urgent message from Diamond Lake catches up to our heroes.

   Allustan, the wizard and mentor for Wren, has learned that something foul may be going on in one of Diamond Lake's mines. He begs the party to conclude their business in Absalom as quickly as possible and rush back to Diamond Lake before something unspeakable may happen.

   Ser Xavier Lucius Rhinehart (Greyson's new character, a Human fighter) and Sarmek of Bronzewood Lodge hire horses and ride within the hour. Brother Tighraine, exhausted from his vigil, and Wren await the coach the following morning.

   Ser Xavier and Sarmek are set upon by a trio of gnolls, drawn to their roadside campfire overnight. The stout pair defeat the hyena-headed monsters with little difficulty, and spend the remainder of the night in peace. The following morning, they ride again, reaching their home outside Diamond Lake late in the evening. In the morning, they seek out Allustan, who assures the two young men they have arrived in time, and thanks them for their haste. When he learns that Brother Tigh and Wren will not arrive until late in the afternoon on this third day, Allustan asks the ranger and the warrior to rest and prepare themselves.

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