Monday, March 7, 2011

On the Table

What's on the old painting table right now?
  • Well, I have some 15mm Prussians for VSF to finish. About ten of them. Plus the Klanktruppen, who are going to be led by a pair of humans.
  • A 15mm small flying skiff (2-man) for Martians. Black Hat, and I like it. I'll probably get a couple more. Just gotta figure out how I want to mount it.
  • I have four 6mm walkers almost done. These are also for VSF. Considering which nationality to make them. Maybe a good topic for a poll?
  • Also working on a command stand for Field of Glory Renaissance. German Catholics, Thirty Years War. Need to find and print off a standard for Tilly.
  • Just started a cannon for my son's 25mm frog army. Easy to do, just getting around to it.
  • I also finished in pretty close to record time a 15mm Cavor-Smythe Walker from Black Hat. I'll post pics soon.
Otherwise, its been a bit slow game wise. Been buying a lot of stuff, including a Sky Galleons of Mars set yesterday. Birthday money has just about run out, though. Insert sad face here.

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