Thursday, June 16, 2011

Troy... for sale!

   This was advertised on TMP (see here), and I thought it was so awesome, it needed to be showcased and supported. I mean, really? Freaking Travertine marble for the blocks on the walls? How cool is that? He's asking $425, and pickup at Historicon. If I wasn't flying in to the show, I'd be really tempted.

"There are 11' of walls/towers gates. Walls are 5" tall to top of parapet, 4" to walkway, 2.5" thick. 3 towers 8" tall, 6x6 wide with removable tops. 2 ramparts, 1 with removable floor. 2 gates. one with towers and hinged doors. Walls and towers are wood core with tile/ travertone stone masticked on and grouted. 10 buildings – foamboard / tile / wood, with removable roofs. everything on plywood bases."

 The whole city (I think)
Close up of one tower.

   You can see more pictures here.

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