Monday, June 27, 2011

Welsh Nationalists in VBCW

St. David's Cross

   The symbol of the new Welsh Republic, a flag bearing the cross of Saint David waves proudly above the Senedd, the Welsh National Assembly building. Saunders Lewis has been elected to the Presidency of the Welsh Republic. The English king has vowed to re-conquer our beloved Republic, and his Prime Minister, the Fascist pig Mosely, has sent his lackeys against us. Fortunately, the Men of Harlech have deserted the English army in droves, bringing with them much needed military equipment and professional skills.

Llandovery College Crest

Armed Schoolboys [Woodbine Designs]

   The boys above are students and Llandovery College, a public school founded in 1857. Typically of the public schools system, one of the primary products of Llandovery is officers for the Army. As such, the boys are trained to march, shoot, and even have ranks within the school's forces. The boys will, in times of need, form a Corps of Cadets with young men from other schools to assist in the defense of the republic against the English king and his Fascist stooges.

Citizens' Brigade [Woodbine Designs's "Damned Poachers"]

   These chaps are members of the Citizens' Brigade. Armed with civilian firearms, they lack the hitting power of most regular militia and Welsh Army units, but make up for it in fanatical loyalty and devotion to the defense of the Republic.

   In addition to the forces shown here, the Republic has Regulars and uniformed militia, plus assistance from the Anglican League.

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Eli Arndt said...

Those figures are a great start. Wonderful civil civilians.