Monday, June 20, 2011

A Very British Civil War

   Yes, Margaret, another new project. THis is one I have been excited about for a while, ever since I head about the sourcebook. I played in a Very British Civil War game at Historicon 2010, using the Iron Ivan Disposable Heroes rules. It was great fun.

   This past weekend, at our monthly games, we discussed this setting, and decided it would be fun to do in 25/28mm. The plan currently is for several people to do small forces of perhaps three squads with a support weapon or two and a vehicle.

   So, I am currently sourcing figures. I plan to pickup the sourcebook at Historicon, and may get the Disposable Heroes rules as well. Some of my fellows are looking at Too Fat Lardies for the rules set, but I only know I Ain't Been Shot Mum from them, and I don't think it would translate well for this scale of game. If they have a skirmish set, that would be better.

   Anyway, the madness continues. But I have been making some progress on old(er) projects so far this summer, and I hope that I can justify the new lead. I'll keep you posted on my findings as we go.

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Alfrik said...

Lead Adventure Forums, do a search for VBCW, there are several collections of figures up for sale there in that gener should you be interested in that approach to build a force.