Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Very British Civil War Quandry: Vehicles

   I am currently caught in a dilemma. I cna really only afford to get one vehicle to start this project, though I am sure I will be getting at least one or two additional ones. These are the selections I think I have it down to, with photos from the retailers. Please vote in the poll I'll be starting to let me know which you think goes best with the Welsh Nationalists faction as described so far.
   First is an armored truck with a Heavy MG. It comes with a choice of gunners, and I think I can make either the Red or White Russian work. This model is available from Brigade Games. I like it because it shows the lack of sophistication for the Welsh Nationalists, but I worry about its actual performance as well.

   Another vehicle available from Brigade Games, this is a Mk.I Rolls Royce armored car, the 1924 model with solid wheels rather than spoked ones. Again, the armament is light, but a good deal more protection. I see this as having been posted to an RAF base in Wales for security, and then taken over by the Nationalists when they captured the airfield. Sadly, most of the aircraft were flown away by their English pilots.

   Next is a Tank, Cruiser A9. I like the multiple turrets. It is also the most heavily armed of the vehicles I am looking at purchasing. This one is available through BEF MInitaures in the UK. Disadvantage is that its pricier, and has to ship overseas, rather than possibly picked up at Historicon next week. I haven't seen a US stockist, though I may be wrong. Anyway, it's a great model.

   Last on the list, but not necessarily the last I want to buy, is this Light Tank Mk. VI, built by Vickers. Another BEF Miniatures product. Carries two machineguns, and is both fast and fairly well protected (compared to the truck and the Rolls). Only getting one, though, not the squadron shown in the photo!

   So please vote in the poll. I need something to jar me out of my indecision on this critical issue.


ColKillgore said...

I voted Rolls Royce. It is in period and can be used for many other periods.

I would be easier to maintain and easy to put into the field and you only need bullets for the machine gun. The troops will not have to worry about a limited supply of cannon rounds.


Donogh said...

I voted for the Rolls Royce too.
Here are some thoughts:
1. Armoured Truck - fits in with the ad hoc nature of VBCW vehicles in vogue
2. RR Armoured Car - classic vehicle which will be useful througout interwar period. Looks great too
3. Cruiser A9 - Sponson turrets are the major draw in this one, but perhaps a litle too powerful on the battlefield?
4. Vickers Mk. VI - probably my second choice, is it a little too modern though?


J Womack, Esq. said...


1. Exactly my thoughts. But honestly its my least favorite of the four. not that it is not good, just out of these...
2. Lots of others see things your way, it seems. Big lead for this one.
3. The A9 may be too powerful, you're right. Need to check its armor rating for the rules sets we are looking at.
4. I checked and it was in service, though fairly new in '38. I was thinking it was brought along by some deserters, possibly from the Welsh Guards? Weren't they armored recce by then?

J Womack, Esq. said...


Good point on the cannon rounds.

Adelaide Gamer said...

I go for the truck. Nice and irregular and useable for multiple campaign settings (much like the a/c). For a second vehicle, perhaps steal an armoured car?