Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2012 Goals

   As prophesied yesterday, here are this month's goals:
  1. 6mm British WTNW Goal: Finish last two battalions from March.
  2. VBCW Regulars Goal: Finish the unit of 10 Free Welsh Republic Army Regulars.
  3. FOW Indians Rifle Platoon Goal: Finish the last section of the platoon. And the new stuff...
  4. Brass Soldaten Goal: 7x Parroom Station Clockwork Soldiers I purchased at Historicon 2011 Flea Market.
  5. WFB Empire Gunners Goal: Finish two gunners for Empire Great Cannon.
  6. FOW Indians MG Section: At least one section of HMGs to support the Indians.
    I know its a lot of goals, but two of them are mostly finished, and one is a simple project. I have another, super secret project that I am not ready to unveil just yet, that I hope to have more work done on over the next few weeks. I'll reveal that when the time is ripe...

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