Friday, April 27, 2012

April Goals Update

   Haven't really been spending a lot of time at the painting table. Lots of Real Life getting in the way and all. And grad school. Which is interesting, but has been kicking my mental butt. One more week, then semester is over. So here is how everything is going:
  1. 6mm British WTNW Goal: Finish last two battalions from March. 100% done.
  2. VBCW Regulars Goal: Finish the unit of 10 Free Welsh Republic Army Regulars. Not much progress, about 60% done. I added an armband on them, and did a little painting.
  3. FOW Indians Rifle Platoon Goal: Finish the last section of the platoon. 95% done. Needs basing and clear coat.
  4. Brass Soldaten Goal: 8x Parroom Station Clockwork Soldiers I purchased at Historicon 2011 Flea Market. 100% Done.
  5. WFB Empire Gunners Goal: Finish two gunners for Empire Great Cannon. Still sitting there, about 50% or so.
  6. FOW Indians MG Section: At least one section of HMGs to support the Indians. Still sitting in their package. That is so sad.
   So the FOW Rifle Platoon is just about finished. I will say that goal will probably be met by the end of the month. I could see the MG Section getting primed, but doubt it will get painted.

   I started stating goals again so that it would motivate me to get work done. It has, to be honest, but Real Life has been very intrusive into my play time. A problem we all face. In all, I am honestly not too upset about the progress this month, all things considered.


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