Monday, April 2, 2012

March Goals Wrapup

   Here we are, the start of a new month, and, of course, the end of the previous one. In March, I did fairly well on my goals, considering, and I think I am still motivated to put paint on lead, which is the idea of the whole "Small Short Range Goals" movement I started here. Now, I didn't finish everything, or even most of the four goals for March, because of a variety of factors. Still, I made some pretty good progress on them.
  1. Zulu Rebasing Goal: 100% completed. Ready for battle. But I could use a unit of rifle armed Zulus, as all of mine are armed with melee weapons only.
  2. FOW Indian Rifle Platoon Goal: 73%+. That's 27 of 37 done, with ten remaining in various stages of painting.
  3. 6mm WTNW British Goal: 75%. Two battalions finished, two about 50% done, maybe a bit more.
  4. VBCW Regulars Goal: 30% +/-. None finished. Added greenstuff armbands on Saturday night after realizing I needed to differentiate them from English soldiers - same uniforms and equipment, you know. But a lot of painting still to do on them.
  Not bad, considering the obstacles I had to overcome this month. That lost week really hurt me, though. I think I would have finished the 6mm and maybe the FOW Indians.

   What's on deck for this month? Two new items for sure. Check back in tomorrow for the scoop. Oh, and some pictures I hope of March's work.


Elderac said...

I know what you mean about your Zulus being all melee based. I originally painted mine for Warhammer Fantasy Battles (I know, heresy), but now want to use them for TSATF and perhaps some VSF.

What I plan to do is take the rifles from the RAFM Hill Martians riders (Since I will be equipping them with lances) and equip the Zulus with them.

This will be rather easy to do, since my Zulus are Ral Partha and about the right scale for the rifles. I will simply take the homemade bows from some of the warriors (again, heresy) and replace them with the rifles.

If you have some Zulus available to arm with rifles, you might also consider just buying them from Age of Glory miniatures, although they do not say how many come in a set.

The Ral Partha miniatures had rifles/muskets on the sprue, but somewhere between the moves, they got lost.


J Womack, Esq. said...

Mine are all 15mm. Just need to go out and buy a unit of twenty. Or maybe two units at most.