Friday, April 26, 2013

Lost in the Warehouse...

   Well, I got an email this morning from Steve Jackson Games. Seems that the website for Warehouse 23 is a little out of date, and there were no OGRE Mk. III-Bs remaining, even though they claimed "Low on Stock."

   So no metal monsters for me yet. At least not until SJG gets the minis released. Color me bummed out. And on a Friday, too.
  They need to hurry and strikewhile the iron is hot. We have all recovered from the Kickstarter expense by now. THey should Kickstart the minis, and take advantage of the learning curve from this one. Keep it simple, add only a few new minis as stretch goals, but offer extra pieces if certain goals are met. I.e., the initial goal is to get two OGREs into production. At one pledge level, you get one of the two models. At another, you get both models. If pledge goals are met, a third miniature will be produced, perhaps a non-OGRE (although since there are substitutes for everything but the OGRE, this may not be incentive). When a certain pledge mark is reached, add an additional mini as a freebie to those who pledged enough to earn at least one OGRE. But do not go overboard with pledge goals making two dozen new and different minis available, and thus taking an extra six months to a year.


Chuckaroobob said...

Promises/statements about Ogre from SJG should be taken with a metric ton of salt. Although you really can't blame them, 95% of their income is Munchkin etc.

And yes, I am near death with anticipation waiting for my designer edition stuff!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Actually, I got another email from them. Apparently, the previous email was incorrect. They have shipped out to me a couple of shiny metal OGREs. I changed from two OGRE Mk. III-Bs to one Mk. III-B and a Fencer.

I am actually hopeful to see the package today.