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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer Gaming Plans, Ver. 1.0

   We all know how 'buggy' a version 1.0 can be, right? So don't hold me too strictly to these plans. But in a few weeks I will go on summer vacation, and have significantly more time for gaming as a result. The thought occurred to me that some sort of plan might help with gaming productivity in my slow time. Thus, the following:
  • Send 20 Kroot to painting service for Venusian Parrotmen.
  • Send the boys' frogs to painting service.
  • Obtain and paint about 15 Victoria Miniatures "Ood-like" figures.
  • Paint eight 25 pdrs plus crew and staff for FOW.
  • Paint an Indian mortar platoon for FOW.
  • Obtain and paint more Cygnar figures ( a unit of trenchers and at least 2 warjacks).
  • Finish painting Dragonfly Lancers.
  • Finish painting 10 Empress Miniatures British.
  • Obtain and paint replacement VSF British from Victoria Miniatures.
  • Finish 5 German VSF figures.
  • Obtain 10 more Prussian infantry. Paint all 20.
  • Paint 10 more Aetherbattalion figures.
  • Complete Volume 3, Issue 1 of The Aethergraph.
  • Play some Star Frontiers RPG with the boys.
  • Attend Historicon.
  • Obtain a lot of terrain for 15mm desert and city.
  • Obtain a lot of terrain for 25mm desert, jungle and city.
Ummmm... I think that's probably it. Look for updates, though. This is only v. 1.0, after all...

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