Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zombie Zeppelin Scenario

Good for either Pulp or VSF gmaing, and inspired by photos of this 28mm zeppelin table:

The Scenario: 

   On your way home from an safari in the picturesque highlands of Bongolesia, a problem arises aboard the zeppelin carrying your group. One of the servants was apparently infected with a terrible tropical disease, and has died. Sadly, he did not stay dead, but has risen as a zombie. Infecting several passengers and crewmembers, the plague has spread throughout the vessel. Now, they all suffer from an insatiable hunger for flesh. Your flesh.
  1. You need to gather weapons. Luckily, you have just returned from safari, so there are guns in the baggage.
  2. You must keep the control cabin zombie-free until the pilots land the airship.
  3. Then you must make your way out of the zeppelin.
  4. Finally, to prevent the spread of the infection, you must destroy the zeppelin and kill any zombies which escape the burning wreckage.
  Good luck. You're going to need it.

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PMMDJ said...

That scenario idea is good enough to steal! Once I find a zeppelin, of course...