Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lots of Paint Being Chucked About...

   I have been (for me) quite productive in the painting arena these past few weeks. The result is that I am actually completing some units, or getting them nearer to completion. For example:
  • 5x 28mm Mordians (used for German VSF forces) - done, completing unit.
  • 5x Talabecland Swordsmen - 90% done, and will complete the unit.
  • Rhine-class carrier for DW - done.
  • 4x Martian Shield Gunners - about 60% done. This is out of ten total,so progress being made.
   This does leave me with quite a bit to work on still, and I keep "accidentally" buying more things (like OGREs and GEVs, and...) but I am moving a few things off the production line, and that feels really good.

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