Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finishing Projects, 5/14/13

   Okay, so I have almost finished the prototype of the British 17th Lancers mounted on a mechanickal dragonfly. Once I get the base painted and flocked, I will take a picture and share. Or maybe not - I could save the group for next years Lead Adventures Lead Painter's League competition. Right now, the only way I am ever going to be able to pariticpate is to paint well ahead of time, since I am in school and painting time is somewhat limited.
   I have also just about finished the Prussian Naval Battlegroup for Dystopian Wars. All that remains is the two Geier-class bombers, and they are nearly finished. In addition, I have almost completed (about 90%) a Rhine-class fleet carrier. I just need to zig-zag stripe it and paint the Tiny Flyer tokens for a third Squadron (I already have two squadrons painted up from the battlegroup).
   So next up on the painting table of concentration to finish as a unit are the last five German riflemen of the KFG. The KFG, if you recall, is the name I gave to the German secret weapons group. These fellows are all armed with Lichtgewehre (light rifles - lasguns). The figures are GW Mordians. These have been about 50% done for over a year. Time to tick that unit off the list.
   One of my goals this year is to be prepared to field at least two 28mm forces for Battles by GASLIGHT on Venus, Earth, and Mars. I have enough Automatons on Mars for one force. I have nearly enough British for Mars, as well. I just need to finish up one or two British infantry to have a basic force, although my eventual plans for that require quite a bit more. I am in the same boat on Venus (which is good, what with the swamps and such). I have enough basic British infantry, but I need some support for them. I still need to add to the Germans. I also want to get the lizardmen finished up. I think one more unit of Gaters (Saurus) and a few Elder Ones (Temple Guard) to lead would be enough for a start. For Earth, anything human and set for Venus can work on Earth, though I want to do some redcoated British on Earth as well. Maybe Home Service uniform. We (my sons and I) have also considered using Eureka's frogs and turtles as Deep Amazonian lost tribes. Maybe I need to sit down and re-organize everything, really hash out the current plans...
   One last thought before I go for now...
Bust out the bubbly!

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