Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bug Boy

  As I promised previously, and for those of you who do not also follow my VSF blog, Victoria's Boys in Red, here are the photos of the Dragonfly Lancer, aka the Bug Boy. By the way, calling a lancer "bug boy" is equivalent to asking a US Marine about his hat.

  "More commonly known as the "Dragonfly Lancers", the Aerocavalry ride into battle astride a mechanickal dragonfly, powered by handwavium and held aloft by unobtainite. They bravely (some would say 'recklessly') charge right at enemy aerial vessels, hoping to strike home with their long, spar torpedo-like Grantham Patent Explosive Lances. They make daring low-level attacks against landships and the like, skimming just over the terrain in a dashingly bold manner. The landing struts of the mount can also be used to carry cargo while in flight, and the whole thing can hover in place at need. Quite the thing for delivering desperately needed supplies to remote outposts, or for dropping small bombs on recalcitrant tribals."

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