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Thursday, May 16, 2013

OGREs on the Horizon!

 Targets acquired. Sensors indicate one Combine Mk.III-B unit, one Combine Mk.V unit. Query: Route supporting reconnaissance units to paint targets for cruise strike?
 Look again, 301. There's a Paneuro Fencer out there, too. Plus, your "little friends" won't be happy if a stratnuc goes off while they are around - those Galahads aren't as tough as you.
 Affirmative, Command. Contact established with Fencer ID: 3/11-FEN024. Comparison of data reveals tactical advantage in cooperative assault. Prioritize target, Combine Mk.V. Query: Permission to coordinate fire with 3/11-FEN024?
   Command confirms attack plan. Happy hunting, 301.
 Confirmation received. Launching missiles... now. Expect time on target strike in ten seconds.
   Okay, I did receive my OGREs from Steve Jackson's Warehouse 23, a Mk.III-B and a Fencer. Then I saw a Mk.V and a Mk.VI (!) on eBay, so I bid on those as well. I lost the Mk.VI, because I wasn't willing to go over $50.00 on it, and it finished at $179.50 plus shipping. I did win the Mk.V, though, so that makes three OGREs total in my arsenal. I guess I need to get painting on the lighter units! I wonder if Epic Space Marines would make good proxies for battlesuited infantry? Maybe Land Raiders for Super Heavy tanks, use Eldar stuff for GEVs... I bet there is a lot of the old plastic stuff available out there...
Is this a 'template' for a Mk.V?


Chuckaroobob said...

A lot of my Ogre Suit infantry are olde Ral Partha Battletech figs.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I think I have some of those, too, but not in battlesuits. Maybe the old Clan Elementals would work? At least for the Heavy Weapons Infantry?