Monday, April 8, 2013

Warmachine Game Photos

My Ironclad takes down a Khador Heavy. First kill of the game! Burn, you Russki! BURN!

My Charger and Lancer taking on the other Khador.

Same fight, other side. This picture is funnier.

   Obviously, Zach is still in the process of assembling and painting his Khador 'jacks. And his infantry. And his war caster. I didn't take any pictures of the second game of the day, where my 14 year old brought Cygnar another stunning victory against Trollkin Hordes. Sorry about that, Noe.

One thing I noticed about this game is that the first few turns may go a little slowly, but the last three or so turns, there is massive snowballing carnage. I like that. It's a fun game, and I imagine I will invest in a few more models. I am looking at the Grenadier and the Defender. But if I do the Grenadier, I will definitely want to get some Trenchers, too. Maybe the Trencher Artillery, since that would mean a total of four Area of Effect templates in one turn. Add the Master Gunner, and I can call it in on top of my own troops with impunity...

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