Friday, August 16, 2013

The Imperial Army of the North (Well. part of it)

   I recently uncovered some old plastic Warhammer Fantasy Battle spearmen, for the Empire. This is a pretty good thing, because that is the army I have been building over the past few years. I will probably have it ready to go for my sons about the time the youngest one goes off to college, but that doesn't matter.

   Problem: They are already partially painted, and for the Grand Barony of Nordland, whose colours are blue and yellow, rather than for either the City-State of Talabheim or the Grand Duchy of Talabecland, in red and white and red and yellow, respectively, which are the colours and patterns in which the rest of my army to date has been painted.

   Solution: The Grand Army of the North. Instead of just the first two regions, I am making the army a consolidated force of multiple provinces and city-states. Which makes incorporating Knights Panther and Knights of the White Wolf a little easier, story-wise, anyway.

   Here are the first five, all done. I've another 11 or 13 to finish up, including command.

Right shoulder... ARMS!

The Lions of Dietershafen

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