Sunday, August 11, 2013

The things to which I have been up...

   Mostly, a lot of painting as I had the chance. Here are the results:

A platoon of Combine Heavy tanks, of the 301st Armor

Company Command tank, 301st Armor.
Note the antenna and the turret number.
I use the old German WWII system, because I like it.

Another view of the Combine Ranger-class heavy tank.
Paneuropean Infantry, 16eme Ligne Battalion Command

16eme Ligne Heavy Infantry Platoon

The 16eme Ligne, Paneuropean Infantry
(3 Infantry companies, 1 Heavy Infantry company, Command platoon, two Trucks)

16eme Ligne Heavy Infantry Company

The Royal Canadian Aero Cavalry swoop over the hill...

A VSF Lascannon for German forces
Circle Orboros Wold Watcher

Circle Orboros Argus

Aetherbattalion Feldwebel Heydrich
   So, anyway, a good deal of painting. I am working on some spearmen for Warhammer Fantasy right now, as well as some more shield gunners, and a Cygnar Squire, as well as part of Lord Curr's Incorrigibles for IHMN. As I finish up some, I will share, of course.


Sean said...

Nice looking stuff. Amazing detail on those tiny Ogre models.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Thankee, Sean. I used GW Epic Space Marines for the infantry, of course, but they painted up nicely.

The trick is a sharp point on your brush and a slow and steady hand. And plenty of light to see!