Monday, August 12, 2013

The Tally Thus Far...

   Midway through August, just about two-thirds of the year gone. Time to review my project progress, I think. And, it seems pretty good, actually! I am grading the year on four criteria: Painting accomplished, money spent, blog posts made, and games played.

   I have already painted more 25mm, 6mm, and fleet scale miniatures this year than in all of 2012. I am very close with 15mm, as well. More terrain has been readied for play, and more vehicles. In all, the only category that I am lagging behind in is re-basing, and that mostly because I did the majority of what was necessary last year!

   Expenditures are pretty high, granted. But that includes a good bit for a round trip airfare, hotel and car rental to attend Historicon. Plus the hefty spending done there. So, not too bad, and certainly less than I would have spent on a hunting lease or a fishing boat.

   Games played: I did not track these very well last year, but I would hazard a guess as to say I am playing more as well. Which was the point of tracking them - a spur to activity!

   Finally, I am already over the 2012 mark on posts this year. Thanks to those of you who follow regularly, and to those who occasionally pop in but don't actively follow: why not? What would you like to see mroe of here?


Sean said...

Good job on the goals. I'm new to your blog so don't have any requests. I think people like to see painted minis and AAR's the most. But that is a generalization.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I'm rubbish at getting AARs done, sadly. I am usually too busy playing to keep track of a lot of the events.