Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day Gift Wrapup

First of all...


   This year, as usual, I got very little in the way of gaming-related items. But what I got was pretty cool.

    From my mother, I received two of the now unavailable boxed sets of Ogre Miniatures: Paneuro Set 6 and Paneuro Set 4.

   My lovely wife bought me the Ogre 6E Exclusive counter sheets from BoardGame Geeks. I particularly wanted the not-Godzilla and the radio tower. The Ogre Ninja and extra Mk. VI were nice bonuses to those.

   And that's about it, strictly gaming-wise. I got the boys some Munchkin cards and dice, so it was definitely a Steve Jackson Games bonus Christmas...

   In the comments, please share what gaming goodies you may have received this year.


David Billinghurst said...

A Happy Christmas box from Jon at GZG - 2 Kra'vak APCs to complete the rides for my Vargr platoon, plus a pack of the new mechanoids and a couple of packs of PAU and Colony Defense Militia (all 15mm). Jon threw in some extras including a pack of the new Japanese Corporate Ashigaru which look very good.

J Womack, Esq. said...

David, that sounds like a good haul. Those Corporate japanese are interesting. I might get some in the Dirtside 6mm range for Ogre Nihonese infantry.

Yes, I am that kind of crazy.